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Evgeny Chubatyy

A Visual Journey

Evgeny Chubatyy - sculptor, architect and designer based in Vicarstown, Co. Laois.
My work is wide-ranging. My areas of work can be divided into traditional carving, primarily in wood and in stone, and structural, graphic forms in metal, applying tensegrity principles.

Born in Chisinau, Moldova, my roots are in traditional, indigenous, idiomatic artisan craft. I took up wood carving and metal embossing from a young age. I then went on to receive a formal education in fine art. I further developed my understanding of form and structure by obtaining a diploma in civil engineering and a degree in architecture.

I like to draw on these skills to explore and fuse different media and styles, including: sculpture,
structures, carving, leather work, weaving, metal embossing, furniture and object design, architecture. I love classical realism for its capacity to make art come to life.

Prior to relocating to Ireland in 2017, I worked as an architect in Moscow, where projects ranged from designing underground metro stations, skyscrapers and residential buildings to bespoke furniture design.


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